You taught me to love

I’m not sorry if I wrote a story with one ‘I love you’ in the start and a ‘Goodbye’ in the end, I’m not sorry because all summary it’s sprinkled throughout with many emotions and moments of insanity, I’m not sorry of tears as I’m not for the smiles, it’s like I’m not sorry for the winter which is not like the summer… Thank heaven for everything I got from life, thank you for everything you gave me.

If I was too stingy with you please forgive me, avarice has also its purpose and meaning, we learn through mistakes, through successes we only thrive but love makes us happy and I confess from all my heart – love is limitless. Yes, it is limitless and if there is something to be sorry for I’ll stay forever with the regret that we have not loved enough – I’d be writing a story with so much love, a much longer story… Be loved!


  1. just one word,,,,,GREAT

  2. Incredible….

  3. Lovely

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