I’d do anything for you!

The heaviest punishment on earth should be stated for killers of dreams, I know very well that I am one of these bastards, I know I was not wealthy enough to give you more than tears afterwards… And tears do not revive dreams, tears are grave for them. Today I’d give anything for a smile on your lips, I would give even what I want the most now, the so precious “I forgive you” uttered from your mouth, and if you feel that this is better for you please tell me, tell me if you feel it’s better to leave or to stay.

I want now to say something nice to warm your heart but I think I don’t have this right now, I did and I enjoyed it a lot of time next to you, and it was great and I see how stupid I was and yet not crazy enough to quit voluntarily to what I had. I’d like you to give me one more chance, let me awhile to fight for your heart again, to feel something in me that gives me hope that I could win… To feel that I could revive your beautiful dreams!


  1. Woow so touching….. Sorry letter.

  2. This letter is beautiful

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