A special place in my heart

It will always remain a special place in my heart, the place where you made nest. This is all that’s left hot in me since you left, and will always remain so because it is made from your kisses, from your sweet words, from your tender caresses, from everything you gave me and I wasted as a crazy man. Words are so useless now but unfortunately they are all I have and I am desperate enough that I could throw myself with a burning “Forgive me!” to your heart… I know that your heart is like stone now and probably it is impossible to break through, as I know it was once a fresh flower in my hands and believe me no one will ever know better than me who are you and what it means to lose you . Please forgive me!


  1. i relly like the letters

  2. Fantastic

  3. I like it

  4. Love it too! Perfect I’m sorry love letter.

  5. extremely nice

  6. Love is a game sometimes you sometimes you lose.

  7. CommentM SPEECELESS…fantastic….

  8. Wao…..its awsme ……amazing…..

  9. Comment

    Fantastic.very touching

  10. this so awesone

  11. Comment, Really the letters are good and can mend broken hearts! eg. A special space in my heart. Thx a lot.

  12. I really like it

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