I see you in my dreams, I gather you in thoughts, I include you in my feelings, I share you in emotions but I never judge you, I don’t reproach you any moment, because all the moments we were given from the day we met, we received and shared them together, hand to hand, we kept all the good things in our arms, we overcame all bad things so in every day we can offer to each other that honest and clean smile that heals completely everything. We cover our heart with so many faces, faces that we use to hide, faces that are searching, faces that requires, faces that gives, faces that receives, but only near you, my love, I found them all in your eyes, in your special eyes that sees and says everything, the eyes that whisper me “I love you”. Next to you, my love, I found every corner of my soul, because I feel you don’t forget any piece of me, dear angel, you have in your eyes the paradise where is no dark, you keep me in your arms where unhappiness cant reach. So many faces cover our hearts, but it doesn’t matter, when you are smiling to me I feel how our love shines boundless in the deepest place, above...

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A perfect woman

You want a perfect woman? Love the one next to you and you’ll find the perfection! Is not in my power to be perfect, but is in yourself to feel me so because perfection doesn’t exist in our bodies and minds but you can feel it in the heart, where love radiates. What would be the sky without stars?  Surely something more beautiful than my life without you, because your kiss has all the turmoil from universe and your burning eyes throwing stars to me in every moment. Never let without stars the sky of your beloved! And don’t forget to give me a spark of your soul In every night and fulfills my desire….to me, perfection of my...

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I am happy

Happy is the woman who doesn’t need to close her eyes when kissing so she can see a angel but have to open them, happy is the woman who is defeated by hugs and treats, happy is the woman who can refuse without upsetting, can ask without embarrassment, can get without being indebted, happy is the woman who is admired without reasons and especially happy is the…

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We two

Im just a woman, you are just a man but we two together are something extraordinary. Maybe for the world we are just a woman and a man but you know very well what you really mean to me… We are the pieces of the puzzle that’s missing in each other soul, the people see us separate and doesn’t understands anything but when we are together it all becomes clear. I’m a flower among other thousands flowers and you are a drop of rain poured from sky with other billion drops, and yet only you fit in the cup of my heart. Every little girl believes in fairy tales but few women can feel the magic in their life. I found you and you gave me every reason to believe in fairy tales and magic, my lovely prince! Somewhere far away you have built a fairyland only for us, a land whose key are our lips chained in a kiss, where every move is a thrill of pleasure, where we can float hugging each other for hours, where each word is a charming verse and each moan is a gracious note of music. I don’t believe in fairytales, I really live them in your...

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With you I mixed so many smiles and tears, so many satisfaction with difficulties, countless moments but kept in soul with care, felt and weighed continuously and continuously, at the end of every moment my heart always give the same verdict “I love you …….!” For better and for worse, we will search and we will find together all the answers, each victory will be a reason to love each other more, and each defeat will be a reason to love each other even more, and we will always smile, because many will cry around us when we will want to share our happiness and many will laugh when we will seek support, so we have each other, so in love and precious for each other that the whole world gets lost in silence when our eyes meet… Love, what a simple word for so wonderful meanings, I don’t have the power to bright your whole world with it, but I will always put it to your feet, with a sweet smile, a wet look, a tender hug, to make your life way more easier and I more happier that you are good with...

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I love you

Love your parents, they are the reminders of what you were and the begin of your story. Love your Childs, they are the confirmation of what you could be and the promise of what you will give to the world. Love your other half, she is the fulfillment of what you are now, conquer her love so you can rest your heart to her heat and light, give her happiness so you can enjoy her beauty, give her your attention and support, your lifes are two shoots that grows together supporting each other. In your eyes I see stretching the sea of my life, sunny or stormy, but always urging me to discover it… I courageous walk through  life holding your hand because nothing can erase the smile of the mouth that kissed...

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For someone you are the world

Once I was dreaming to surround and explore the world, now I don’t imagine a more beautiful dream than to surround your waist in a hot hug and explore your lips! You entered in my heart with a sweet insanity, that insanity so popular to everyone who truly loved, so what’s left to tell you, what else can I give to you, the one who keeps my heart in his hand and in his look has all my soul? We have each other and I think we two don’t need anything else from this earth, might sound crazy but for me is so obvious how can you become a whole world for someone… No, there is nothing for me beyond your happiness, neither more important things, neither more wonderful moments, nothing is more beautiful as your love, nothing is more important than your sweet heart. I cant imagine in this life and want something more wonderful and more special than to love and be loved by you! When a star falls don’t think about it, neither tell your wishes, better turn around to my heart and ask for anything, because only for you my heart is able to even put back on the sky the fallen...

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