When happiness is a sparkle in your hair

I know I will be happy when I will spend time in your arms looking for glimpses of sunshine in your hair, I know I will always smile when your beautiful eyes will watch you and will shine of desire, I know I will be perfect and immaculate when your kiss will erase my sins in every night and will bless my heart in every morning, I know I will find my spiritual fulfillment and the meaning of my life when your lips will kiss my mouth, when your eyes will see me naked, as I really am, they will see me as I am and will whisper to me, enveloping me in the light “I love...

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More than one word

Love is not a word, love is a whole universe, to large too be contained by our senses, too deeply so we can understand and maybe that’s why for some of us love will always be a simple word. And to understand how mysterious and incredible love can be imagine all this endless universe is contained by your eyes! Yes, this is the priceless gift that God has given to us and that makes us so special…a primordial spark, waiting in the depths of each, the wild beats of a heart in love which is awaken to life. When you feel your heart singing unleashed notice how time slows down and the world around you turns into colors and harmony, everything is bathed in  beauty and pleasure, then you understand love is not a word, love is the divine voice which constantly is calling you. Your eyes are the window to my...

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You are my world

I carry you in my mind as the wind carry the smell of spring flowers, I hide you in my heart as bird protects her chicks in nest, I hug you with my soul as the sky hugs the sun greatness and explode in thousands of colors thanks to it… For the world you are someone, for someone you are the whole world! You are my world, the delight of my each morning when I wake up in your arms, the thrill of my every night when I come in your bed, and day by day, moment by moment you are all the happiness and pleasure in my life. Carry me into your heart as the sea swing the boat on waves, because I have no sails and no oars and only your love carry me through life. I wouldn’t take any step into the world without seeing the light of your eyes guiding me in the dark, I wouldn’t go anywhere if I wouldn’t knew I will come back to you! You give me courage to face the storm, you give me strength to fight with anyone…and everything I do its just for you, my love …….! And when I have to go don’t forget to send me sailors, two-three kisses, and a warm “I love you” to leave it the captain of my...

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To you, my other half

To you, my other half, in whose eyes I see reflecting only the beauty of my soul, to you, the temple of pure love that burn me in your embrace, soft and sweet lips, warm and protective arms, to you ……., I give you my unconditional love, to burn alive and overwhelming as only the nest of our arms can do it! For you, I will get up after every hit, for you I will forgive no matter how much will need, no matter how high I will go, I will always be the happy child when I hold your hand, no matter how far I will go I will be just a thought away from you, no matter how many thoughts and problems I will have you will always me my most beautiful and dear dream. No matter what I will do, what I will become, where I will get, I will always be your other half,...

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Touched by grace

I felt so lucky when you touched my lips with your warm lips, when your voice hit my heart on the chest walls, when your look took my breath away, when your touch lit my body. When your love erased from my memory everything that was earthly, when your happiness became the vice of my heart, when your thoughts became waves for the boat of my dreams, when in the nest of your arms was built the temple of my soul. When the words became flowers, the flowers became music and the music became bedding of thrills caught by two violins strings where we make love dozens of moments lost in eternity… The divine grace touched my soul with your...

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My deity

He leads my heart with seven whips and seven horses, would not lead faster than me, and his eyes which throw lights arrows conquer hearts and his tender voice calms the storms. I see him in the evening shattering the sun and his bedding the veil of the night over us, I see him in the morning rushing my dreams with sunrise fire, and all day I adore the kindness of his eyes to bless me again with a sweet and thrilling “ I love you”. You bring the flowers on the plain of my life and make it colorful in wonderful fragrances. With gentle whispers you bring the breeze of the evening laden with perfume and promises, with a sweet smile you bring the fresh breeze of the morning wind laden with joy and hope. You carry the paradise where I want to stay forever. My wonderful deity,...

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When the words don’t come let your mouth to put your thoughts on my lips, I will instantly understand the whole inexpressible universe of your soul. When your heart it hurts let me to lay over your chest, I am the miraculous cure which heals you of all diseases. When black thoughts burdens you turn your eyes to me, you have made my soul an oasis of happiness and I keep in my eyes your paradise! Love is the elixir of magic and miracles! For the one that my heart adores, I now high prayers to the sun never be darkness in his heart, to the moon and stars to never have lonely nights, to the earth for his feet to only step on carpets of flowers, his lips to only taste the sweet honey, to spoil his eyes only with beauty, I pray to the angels to not let come close to him any harm and no shadows of unhappiness to not touch his heart, and to the God the most bigger prayer of all – to be forever...

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