Together forever

You are not perfect but that doesn’t stops me from loving you as you would be, because the true love doesn’t glorify the qualities but accepts your defects, doesn’t wants to head you but to heal you and doesn’t wants to receive as much as gives wants to give and receive everything! Maybe sometimes I don’t listen you, I don’t understand you, I don’t make you happy… its our human fate to be wrong and to suffer, not to get used to cry but to learn to forgive, because forgiveness is the nest where love likes to stay. Forgive me, my love, im just a human, I learned a lot in life, half of them wrong, I cant be perfect, but that doesn’t means you cant love me as I would be… At the end of each dawn is always a dusk and each dusk leaves with the promise of a new dawn… we will always admire them...

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In my arms

In paradise you love forever but only on earth you can fall in love! In paradise you find only perfect angels but only on earth you can feel the beauty of love by loving someone imperfect as it was perfect. In paradise nothing can get you upset but only on earth you can understand the power to forgive. In paradise you will have wings, on earth you will see them only in my eyes. In paradise you will be perfect, on earth you will be perfect only to me. In paradise you will love everything, I know I don’t deserve but give me, please, the wonderful pleasure of being the only one for you. In one day you will look far away back and will understand that love was the only thing that really mattered in your life, the love of the ones that wanted and called you in their life not only for their pleasure but also for your happiness. Don’t let crazy people to steal your heart and forget it some where, better keep it in my...

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For your happiness

Don’t feel sorry when the sky is cloudy, the flowers spring up just after the rain; don’t feel sorry when leaves fall, otherwise how could we enjoy the spring? Don’t regret the lost moments, that’s how you discover how important is each moment; don’t stop any tear, tears cleanse your heart for the smiles that will come; don’t lie, don’t ever cheat, you will win something is easily lost and will lose something you cant win never again; don’t be afraid of anything, at the end of all eternal love and happiness will be expecting. Laugh, sing, dance, love, be happy…maybe in one day you will understand how just to sit besides you and watch you became the most wonderful thing in my...

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Love me!

If I don’t deserve you love me more, love me until the birds will stop singing and butterflies will start to dance around me, love me from earth to sun and from the sun carried by angels back to you, love me like the first and last woman in the world, love me like no other woman is loved and only then if you still want,  ask yourself how much I deserve you. Love is the most wonderful thing in the universe, who can feel it burning in the chest has everything he wants, because he wants everything he already has and that makes him happy. Every woman deserves to be loved with all the heart, and not because of her beauty or any other qualities that may have but simply for all the love she can give...

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Another heart

If I would have angel wings to lead me in paradise I would give up them for only one thing in all this universe – another heart so I can love you twice as much!!! Your lips are warm, your arms are welcoming and your eyes are fiery, if someone would ask me to imagine the paradise that’s all it would come into my mind! No matter how bad is the day I am happy because I know in whose arms I come back in every night… You are the lighthouse of my heart that guides my life to the shores of love and joy even through the largest storm! I am the happiest woman because you carry in your eyes my sunny sky, you are the wonder who stopped into my life, like an angel cam to earth to bring my heart that I forgot it his paradise. My little angel, ……., when you will return in paradise take my heart back with you, however this is all that’s left from me, you have melted the...

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The only words

“Give me one more kiss, touch me one more time, hug me, whisper me again – I love you-, give me a little smile, look at me intensely, caress me in your arms, tell me something, listen to my heart, are you happy?” – these are the only words I want to say, …….. Talk with me as you would kiss me, kiss me as you would talk to me, listen me as you would make love with me, hug me as you would drown without me, caress me as you would breath me through your hands. I am here for you, maybe not to give you everything you dreamed of but to help you not to give up your dreams, maybe not to make you powerful man on earth but certainly the most loved one, maybe not to give you a perfect life but surely a life worth living, maybe not to never hurt you but that’s because I will never lie you. I am here for you, and that’s why I prefer to be ugly because I told you the truth than to be loved for a lie, I want to be the one which you can trust as you trust yourself. I want you to love me but more than that, I want to make you  happy...

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You have taught me to love

I cant remember who have taught me to talk but I will never forget who have taught me to love. And we know how restless can be a heart, how much courage we need sometimes just to get close to it. You are the only one in front of which the words doesn’t helps me. It is said that actions speak in life but in love the eyes and meaningful silences are doing that, when words lose their power a woman in love can only hope that in the silence her eyes will say everything. The eyes of love can say so many things, I would stand steadfast for hours to decipher the lights from your eyes or maybe just to let myself mindful of their magic. Those moments are fragments of eternity from where my soul goes always more pure and wise…just from a look. You have taught me to love and no one understands me better than you, my soul...

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