Years will pass

In one day over many years I will look to your old face and I will whisper to you: between these wrinkles is written my life story, these hands took in them my heart burdens so many times, these lips cleaned my soul from the darkest thoughts, these eyes shone so many years to guide me beyond any storms. And the dust of the time has settled now above all and our memories are the only consolation, but there is one thing I don’t want you to ever forget: you were wonderful and I am so happy I got here with you! Yes, ……., im convinced that someday I will tell you all this, just as I know that we loved, we love and we will forever love each other. Will come day when the stars from our eyes will be the only witness of what we once were, will come a day when we will be to old to want something and God how happy I am that I will have you with me in that day! I will forever cherish your sweet lips and your bright eyes loving me so...

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God din not made the love to go up to down but he made it to go from down to up, so don’t expect to fall from somewhere but find it in you to get you high towards fulfillment! God didn’t created me to be your salvation and happiness but he left me in the world just like he left you, to find my purpose and fulfillment, so don’t ask questions and expect answers but lets discover the world together! God didn’t lie us when he gave us to each other but gave us a chance to cross over the road of life with someone, so lets not point the finger to each other trying to show the defects but lets hold hands, to forgive and heal each other wounds and to unconditional love each other until the end! Life is not a mixture of questions without answers, is a funny collection of riddles, lets taste it together, my...

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The kiss

When  a man is kissing, a woman closes her eyes flaring; when a man is kissing, a woman dreams that moment is actually all her life, the lips that tender taste each other are the arteries that connects her to the heart of the one that brought her back to life, that everything has ever been and will always be is a indefinitely kiss, painted in time and space with many ornaments around it. Two lips united in a silent prayer, taste of a huge bouquet of roses, love carved in flesh, only your kiss melts m y dreams. You made me understand how the smile was born and from where it comes the light of the eyes… An infernal kiss, this is what I sometimes feel I want to give you, a kiss to leave behind it the smell of burnt lips, crushed lips of pleasure, Flemish sipping the air that was kidnapped them a bit more than it could bear....

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My miracle

Only if you know how my heart leans trembling tingly in front of your eyes, if you would see the wonderful realms where my dreamy thoughts carry you, you would understand then that you are the most wonderful man, the first and the last miracle in my life. You make my life a great story that I savor it as a surprised and enchanted child, I watch you enthusiastic how you enchant me with kings, princes, wizards, elves and other wonders too unreal for my mind but too sweet for the heart that adores them not to believe them. Your eyes carry my paradise, the pure realm from where only tears and lights are falling, you give me happiness in kisses and please, I beg you, be generous! Love me and listen to your love echo in my heart, you will not hear anything more beautiful from the ground up to...

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The love

Love is essential spiritual need – the need to leave your ego and complete give you to a dearer one than yourself, a special need that comes out when you meet the right person and few are those who gets this chance. Your soul is a magnet for my soul, it attracts it irresistibly from the earth’s shell in another dimension, im watching you and I forget to think to myself, I forget how ephemeral is everything and seems that I’ve always had you, seems that we are just visiting here from somewhere above and only one step towards you, a touch of lips and the edges of universe remain a memory behind us. Yes, the world is a great place when  you admire it reflected in your beloved one eyes, thank you for existing in my life ……., without you I would have never discovered the pleasure of loving, without you my heart would have remained forever...

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The love is ours

To my heart only the light of your soul can reach and whenever your eyes surrounds me with love and longing another world is revealed to my being, an bright infinite filled with your smiles included in moments which troubled the eternity with sweet kisses. Oh, I would tell you you`re everything I ever wanted but I could never dream something so wonderful, the light of my soul! I would promise you a infinite love but my love crosses the infinite back and forth at each stolen breath from the nest of your lips, spoiling my heart! I would give you all the happiness in the world, if it will only be mine, but its not, because we are not from the earth, we come from heaven and the love is...

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Will be told how much I loved?

At the end of my time many will cry but who really knows me will be smiling, because they will know how much I loved and how happy I was…with you. And until then they will learn that true love has no owner, not even the time can subjugate, because they saw their friend loving a whole life as in the first day, every day writing her magical love story and in the last one dieing with her eyes shined by the same wonder which entered from the most wonderful moment of her life…when she met you. I love you not for nothing, I just like to hear the echo of our love in your...

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