Love makes us perfect

Love is perfect, love is the only thing that doesn’t require too much thinking. Maybe when you are watching me you’re thinking: does she likes me, is she happy with me, does she likes the way I am, does she likes when im doing that, what will happen if I change the way I am…My love! When you are watching me a single thought must float in your mind: I love her! I love her! I love her!….I love her!… I don’t want you to be like this, to do like that, to think like this…I don’t need anything else than to love me with all your heart and I will be the happiest woman on this earth. Just so you know that people who are loved and love are perfect either way and you my love, you are the most loved man on the earth! Don’t do anything, don’t say anything, just look at me…I am the happiest woman when im near the one that when his watching me a single thought starts to float in his...

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How wonderful you are

How wonderful you are? So wonderful that I give my heart forever for a kiss from you. Only you can make me dream and touch me so slow to not wake me up from my dreams. You are wonderful because I love you and every moment besides you in my heart happens a miracle. How small the world can get when you love someone so much… in the night when I get in your arms seems like I get out from small box of my world to blend in galaxies. I can not imagine myself covered with more beautiful diamonds than the ones from your eyes ……., I can not imagine my body being spoiled by smother clothing than the touch of your lips, I can not imagine an ethereal sound for my soul than your hot breath greedy biting the air around me… The passion is the most beautiful love toy and as long as we keep it alive in our hearts we will be joyful and happy as two children. Is so easy to warm me with a “I love you” and turn me on with a kiss anytime you...

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Beyond time, beyond space, beyond the words and even dreams, beyond all is light’s infinity  which we call it love. An infinite peace and harmony, an eternal bliss, the land of endless smile, the place where special moments fall on our lips, the miracle of your kiss that always leaves me dizzy wondering where it disappeared the blue sky and sunshine! There, so far away I have to reach my hand to your face gather the stars that makes the magic to take me there, in the infinity of light is our souls home, to that door can only knock the hearts…loud! louder! more...

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Love is everything

Love is all, the primordial light where anything can be stuck, a infinite universe shining in your eyes, a miracle that only God could do, a miracle that only my heart encompasses. Someday I will bring you before a sunrise, I will kneel before you and I will ask you to be my soul mate in heaven and on earth, in one day we will ride a sunset and will climb in paradise but until then ……., delight me every day with the miracle that God placed in you! Flowers grow from the depths of the earth for the highest light in the sky just as my heart beats in the chest only for the divine light from your eyes. People in love are God’s favorite children and only they receive the light of love to be their most beautiful toy, so I want to spend my whole life playing with you, catching your smiles in my...

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To love you in many ways

I have a whole life to love you in every way, to love you passionate until I want to bite you, to love you quiet when I feel the need to savor you with my eyes, to love you with my mind when I want to listen you, to understand you, to help you, to love you with my soul when I have you on my chest and I dream of you, to love you with my heart when you born in me hot longing, to love you with all my being because you, ……., you are the boundless sea of love that stretches from the shores of my being. I came to plant garden of dreams into my soul, I came to furrow your lips with my passion, I came deep in your heart to serve the pure light of love. Banish me if weeds will grow behind me, thank me if elapsed time with me is plentiful with happiness, but especially take my hand and love...

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Most wonderful

Most wonderful man…from my heart an and man from the earth can take your place because thousands of dreams and emotions are fighting for you inside! In your smile is always a rainbow seed and every time you smile to me you plant something special in my soul… In your eyes is written the story of a star and every time you look deep into my eyes I take another piece of infinity of the universe… You are the most wonderful man, because a wonderful man is the one who knows to smile from the bottom of his heart and is in my power to make you the biggest star among stars, to royally let you in my arms as a great master of my heart! People write stories after stories, from hope and love are building their dreams and they are looking through life…but you have to stop looking, I can dream something nicer for you, take my hand and lets write our story together...

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A soul looking for love

I was a soul looking for love, from the day I got lost on this earth and I was born clean and innocent as a snowflake until the day I met you and I finally understood what I am doing here. No, I never lost anything, I had always everything, only that on earth I chose to hide it in your eyes. I forgot that I spent several years feverishly searching for something undefined, something to fill the gaps I was feeling inside me, that until the day I met you when I amazed stopped and, in a magical moment, the anxiety from my face turned into the most happy and fulfilled smile. I found you …….! Like a snowflake is melting in a warm hand, the childhood innocence  and bliss came back in my heart – there is not a richest soul as the one who has found the...

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