My star

You are the man of my dreams because my dreams love you so much that happy follows you wherever you go. I love you not for who you are but for what I am when im with you, a happy and in love woman who has found fulfillment loving you, who doesn’t wish anything because she has everything her heart ever dreamed – your love! At night, people admire the stars but I only admire my star, more beautiful than all others together and more dear to my heart as the sun itself. And how to not be so when you are the one who brings the pleasure of paradise even in the deepest darkness and you make my nights more beautiful than the most sunny days. I love you, my star and please remember that every night…to fall in my bed. Please never forget that someone in this world needs you because you are the water and the food for her heart and without your love couldn’t survive not even one day. For someone who have made this world a paradise – I know you can never be so cruel to kick me out from...

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I miss every day to see your face blooming by smiles and every night to hungry sip your hot breaths. I miss every second to hear your voice vibrating by cheerfulness, I extremely love the sparks of happiness from your beautiful eyes. I love to listen the story of your soul in every word you say and every gesture that you make enchanted my heart with mysterious spells known only by you. For some, longing is the pain caused by missing someone but for me its just the insatiable  and irresistible lust….for you! I could so easily get lost in the world but I would find you even at the end of universe, its something in my heart that cant be separated from you, that something made me your forever. My angel...

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The nest of our hearts

Is a mountain top high above where I want to take you, a mountain top from you can hide the whole world behind your palm fingers and all our things seems specks of dust, all the problems and daily riots become so insignificant that they can be covered with a flower and your eyes are bigger than the full moon and includes in their world all my dreams and hopes. That special place belongs to us, it always expect us to get to it and is not far at all, we just have to hold hands and let the soul wing to float on the current of love to the nest of our hearts. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the storms of this world…take my...

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You are the canvas on which my dreams gets to weave

You are the canvas on which my dreams gets to weave, thread by thread, kiss by kiss, touch by touch, they become reality. Its wonderful to be loved by a magician who knows to spell my heart with a touch, by an angel that with a kiss makes me floating in paradise, by the most wonderful man who carry more than my heart can lead! With you no dream is to bold, from earth to heaven you have given me everything! The more I love you the less I want, because your love reaches me and makes me truly happy. From all the reasons why I would have been born on earth I cant imagine any better than to live a wonderful love story with you. You make every day of mine a life worth, you have enriched my soul far beyond what my dreams could include, thank you for loving me and making me the happiest woman on...

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Once upon a time

Once upon  a time was a happiest and fulfilled woman. Her story its not a great one, she did not gone through incredible events, didn’t fight with anyone and has not won anything except one thing: your heart and so her story has become the most beautiful one on earth and even if only few know it, for her it doesn’t matter because if whatever will happen you will be there for her, she will live happily ever after. I want to be a willow and you a lake and to spend all my life bent over your shore, let my arms hanging over your shine, to kiss you once in a while with a leaf and have you shuddering in waves… To have the lovers come near us to make their love declarations and embracing to watch the stars, to reflect in you and I will understand them so well. I would want to be  a willow and you a lake, a thousand years to love each other steadily, until you will drain and I will...

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The light of love

When words hurts, when flowers are wilted, when eyes avoid you, when the loved one is cold and distant….take a break, back off quietly and watch a sunset, look to the sun when it goes, say goodbye to it and fall asleep crying, you will wake up next morning with a wonder – you wills see the light of the beautiful star caressing you again. No, it is not back because of your tears but because somewhere “there”, beyond you and all that’s visible it’s a order of things much more beautiful and more real… and yes, you can feel the wonders of that land too because the way to it is in your heart; open your heart and release the unconditionally love, that love that can arise in your soul  like the sun, no matter what is surround it. God is love and this is all that truly exist and forever in universe, the rest is only temporary and absence of love. In your heart the light of unconditionally love is always expecting to be release and dispel the darkness of your...

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Follow your love

Love is a delirium of the heart, don’t try to understand it, just follow it with trust, anywhere will take you all roads have a unique direction because the love has only one obsession – me. There is no sea without storms, there is no life without troubles but the sky is cleaner after the rain and the heart its overwhelmed with gratitude and hope only after troubles. At the edges of the sea is always a headlight to support those in danger, I caught your hand, im not a headlight, I am a star you should keep in your hand, to always illuminate your heart and to not feel alone even in the darkest moments. I will always love...

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