sad love letter, angel with torn wings

Love, angel with wings torn by insane people, how can you beg on earth when in sky palaces are raised for you, people laugh by your red crying eyes and hugs are rewarded with palms. You, the mother of the humans, and father, sister, brother, sister, friend, lover or anything else you need to be, you, the salvage from the darkest sufferings, you who born everything is beautiful in the world. From so many hearts you listen your humble death conviction, from so many lips you get the lie venom. You call hearts to you with gentle charm, they crucify you in piercings and they spit you with venereal diseases, in beauty you lure them, they rip it from you greedy and they wallow in the mud with her. You tell uplifting stories, you do miracles, but who to hear them and see them in a foggy and squeaky world as it never was. Love, angel with torn wings, I will trust you always the most because you are the bravest from all and the only one who will never give up.

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  1. This is mine; my life; my mantra; my being; my every existence in prose. How many out there ….are you out there? I know you are and you are waiting for….
    Love is and nothing else is real.

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