Laws of my world

If dust will be the only thing left from my love, my memories will remain to sieve them and the eyes that I dreamed I will frame them inside my soul and I will keep their light in a few tears…

If happiness would be scattered I will remember that I swore for nothing in the world to hurt the love from one heart. I will collect all my treasures in my hand and passing it through your hair I will make it bright and free so the sun lights can carry you on the fly where my heart calls you.

If I will lose I’ll be glad that I had, if I will win I’ll give what I got and I will never forget that beyond joy and sadness I can always glimpse something to tell ‘I love you.’


  1. Oh my, someone really has a talent, hope you write more, some of your love letter as delicious, I will send them!
    Thank you 1000lovelleters!

  2. So deep so true so passionately whispers to the lost love .

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