I miss you!

I look from the window of my soul the lonely woman getting lost in the fog… I want to call her but I do not have more words, I would follow her but I cannot find the way to it. The glass gets foggy with tears, I desperately clean it to see her until the last moment, years of happiness will shatter under the weight of these terrible moments, but I do not care, all that matters is she, the madness pain calling me irresistible, so much for so little…

God, of all the things you let break why you didn’t leave also such moments to perish forever drowned in tears of the unloved ones. God, heavy burden you let for dreamers, maybe we, humans, really stolen the fire of the gods without understanding in that moment what burden we’ve got… And yet maybe one day we will learn how to warm without soaking, how to fulfil our dreams without getting hurt so bad.
Farewell lonely woman, behind you always remains the same foggy road… Someday I’ll lose myself in this fog but I want to leave behind something beautiful…


  1. I miss a love letter like this, it’s what I looking for, thank you

  2. I miss her too

  3. That was interesting

  4. I miss my love this is deep…

  5. So nice..

  6. I love u Riya …………….and I miss u so much <3

  7. its beautiful…. I miss him sooooo damn much

  8. i love sharlet… i miss such letters from her

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