It was once upon a time

Words that were said, days that never got back, happiness that get lost, everything that binds me now with you is everything that means that there is no reason to keep you near me. Isn’t it that even ‘goodbye’ can be a beautiful word? As the tired signature of a writer on his last piece of paper of a long and tumultuous story whose final looked so much time that it came almost as a relief.

I learned that wherever you will look there are joy and sadness, happiness and pain, beauty and ugliness, good and bad… And if loving you didn’t understand how to distinguish, how to accept and overcome them, it means that you loved only a small part of me, a piece too small so you can name me your love.

If the sun rises it also has to go down, if I want to always be light in my heart I have to follow it and to tell you Goodbye.
461it was once upon a time goodbye love letter


  1. Oh, googbye my lover 🙁 this is my last love letter for you…

  2. i love this

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