I paid with tears for kisses and you threw my love to the trash. I realized then that I lost nothing, but I gained something priceless – a life without you. How much would I have lost, how much would I have suffered with you, a person unable to feel and to cherish true love. Moments we spent together now seem an ugly dream and I immensely enjoy that I woke up from it. I pity you, not being able to change and your life will always be like this, turning around some perverse and selfish pleasures, so short and without any satisfaction.
I had suffered, but you should know that the relationship with you discovered me very important things. I will forget the suffering and I will benefit the things I learned so I will never come again where I was with you. Oh yeah, some people are able to love honestly, totally and disinterested, some people are able to place the good and the happiness of the love one even above their own interests. Some people are generous, kind, hearted, educated and witty and it is a true delight being around them. This is my world dear, and especially after the relationship with you I truly understood how wonderful it is. I am leaving you behind and I don’t care no matter what you will offer from now on from you cold, small heart.
I’m harsh but you deserve it. Farewell.