Your face in the sun

Sweet treasures are revealing to my eyes when you arise into my path happy and flourishing, no matter how autumnal I remain behind you, each time I find myself under your looks more heated by love than ever, because you are the sun burning into my chest, you are the rain of stars surrounding my eyes, you are the pastry sweets besides which I am floating full of sweets on my lips, you rebel wonder, if to my wishes you cannot hook-up, then into your heart carry me wherever you want.
How sweet you are, how sweet you are… The immortal fairy tale, not from many but actually from one, which my dreams are listening to the heart that always dictates, how not even now your great power you didn’t understood it, which you have to fulfil the hottest wish from the universe.
How stupid am I, come one smile please, your smile makes my story becoming reality.

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