You are a special girlfriend

There are many beautiful women on Earth but for me any woman compared to you is dust in the eyes.
There are many intelligent women in the world, but for me even the simplest gestures and words of you are simply transcendental.
Many women are hard working and ambitious but where your love has got nothing on this Earth will never be able to reach, not today, not tomorrow, not even when we will be able to travel among the stars.
There are many gentle and caring women but for me your enlighten eyes of love and nostalgia are cradle for my soul.
There are many romantic and passionate women but to me a single kiss of yours fills my heart to the top. There are many women loyal and dedicated to the sacrifice, but it is a single heart on Earth which beats only for my sake and for her and her happiness my eyes are looking, my ears are hearing and my heart is beating.


  1. its simply wonderful

  2. ITS COOL!!!

  3. powerful

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