So happy

Inside my heart nestled a sweet madness which impulse me to laugh alone and to be a daydreamer. You made me sick, you, the thief who steals my heart day after day but gives me kisses only from time to time. One day I will make you cry, 5 seconds at least, so that you will ask me a life ransom for this mistake. And I will offer it to you wrapped into a kiss which you will receive as careless as all my frivolous priceless gifts.
Difficult diseases cure with bitter pills, but for a life always beautiful and healthy I recommend a sweet syrup of charming love – it takes effect all the time and it makes you laugh alone, to dream with your eyes wide open and never get tired of kissing.


  1. i love it,i inspired reading here everyday to cure my loneliness and learn something difference about love story and funny moments,its amazing site….THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING THIS …..


  3. Tz gives me more idea to love my girl even more!

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