I have a thousand lovers

I have a thousand lovers and when I come home on the alley they all bend to kiss my legs… Oh, sweet daisies, pansies, gladiolus, how much I love you all because you wear the parfumes of my lover, just as I love the sky who mirrors her eyes and the night and the rain that are my accomplices in the games of love I play with her.
One thousand angels seemed to carry her on their arms when I saw her for the first time and I didn’t even dared to dream but the heart, of course, broke and drag me like a slave to her feet.
And as an angel she is, she came to my love as a butterfly comes to the light during night and she pile me with a heavenly love and I reborn for her as she wanted to be. And now I am happy and I love the entire world, and I have one thousand lovers bending to kiss my legs when I come across the path… at her.
One day wings will grow to me from so much love and happiness and you will also come back home. And I will come with you…

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  1. So romantic… Feeling the sensation of romance.
    Can’t stop imagining what am seeing right now. Nicole I love you

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