I love you with the diligence and dedication of an alcoholic loyal to his defect or I often scream at you to keep you vigilant, but I also know how to ignore you in order to give you as much as I can from that lovely independence dear to any free soul.
I am wasting your money so that you can persevere as much as you can in work, patience and tolerance virtues.
I overwhelm you with reproaches and curses so that I can keep your humble and self critical spirit, I do for you what few dare to do. Basically, I drink with raise in your honour whenever I wake up, and this happens to me almost each morning, so my love, cherish the drunker near you, he takes care of your life in the most subtle and profound manner.
As long as you are with me you are perfect, so keep loving me, do not judge me that I don’t believe you and if you want to tell me something, give me a beer, I will understand more than all the words in the world.