Your look

Under your looks, my thoughts flips in my heart and your angelic smile mix them in bright  snowball full of love and happiness.

Its not a fantasy, nor charming mirage of a dizzy heart of love, your look is magical, it’s a window to paradise through which I look with so much emotion, it’s the goblet with star dust from which whenever I taste I feel powerful and immortal.

Or maybe your look it’s a field of snowdrops risen in the way of my heart to bring the spring over it.

Or maybe your look it’s a mirror for angels because whenever im around it waves of special emotion floods over me and it seems I rush to catch a sit next to you with a lot of agitated and excited angels.


  1. Like to read love letters

  2. I m
    writer too of love letters my favorite is if you love someone set them free thay come bac k there yours if not thay never wor .

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