I carry you in my mind as the wind carry the smell of spring flowers, I hide you in my heart as bird protects her chicks in nest, I hug you with my soul as the sky hugs the sun greatness and explode in thousands of colors thanks to it…

For the world you are someone, for someone you are the whole world!

You are my world, the delight of my each morning when I wake up in your arms, the thrill of my every night when I come in your bed, and day by day, moment by moment you are all the happiness and pleasure in my life.

Carry me into your heart as the sea swing the boat on waves, because I have no sails and no oars and only your love carry me through life. I wouldn’t take any step into the world without seeing the light of your eyes guiding me in the dark, I wouldn’t go anywhere if I wouldn’t knew I will come back to you! You give me courage to face the storm, you give me strength to fight with anyone…and everything I do its just for you, my love …….!

And when I have to go don’t forget to send me sailors, two-three kisses, and a warm “I love you” to leave it the captain of my heart.