You are…

You are the man in whose arms I want to spend all nights of my life, you are the one whose breath I want to cool my temple, in whose eyes I want to reveal all of me, to the depth of my being!

You are that wonderful man around which I want to weave my dreams and desires, to dress me with his kisses, to carry me away….to love him my whole life and he to make me the happiest woman giving me every day a wonderful and inestimable “I love you”!

You, the angel who I found among the people if I am not asking you to much give me a glimpses of eternity with you, I promise I wont waste it and you will remember it with pleasure even up there.

I will show you how a look can hold galaxies and a heart can feel everything and maybe we can discover together how far the God went when he created a human being in the image and likeness.

Love me and I will make you happy!


  1. I love youuuuu

  2. omg i luv this poem. it iz so sweet! imma use it wit my bf =D

  3. I love this latter….. And this is true…..

  4. nice one

  5. true

  6. It is a nice love latter

  7. your love letter is makes my drem’s come true rely lv to


  9. I love these letters. Always looking forward to write my man something new. Very inspirational….. And very romantic.

  10. I Love that…I sent that to my bf 🙂

  11. The love letter was simply beautiful. To be loved by someone completely is such a wonderful feeling.

  12. Nice love letter

  13. thanks for the beauty

  14. I am always love my best boyfriend Samuel Haslam very much cause I love him to be stronger on his shoulder just can’t stop loving him so long

  15. Nice one,simply its beautiful

  16. I just luv my man alot….it’s so romantic….I luv tiz letter….t line perfectly suit my guy

  17. I love a boy….and have the same dreams just like the speaker of the poem

  18. Jose,

    I love this wonderful letter.

    This letter is pure, emotional, it just melted my heart.
    Thank you for such beautiful piece of love.

    Much care,


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