In one day over many years I will look to your old face and I will whisper to you: between these wrinkles is written my life story, these hands took in them my heart burdens so many times, these lips cleaned my soul from the darkest thoughts, these eyes shone so many years to guide me beyond any storms.

And the dust of the time has settled now above all and our memories are the only consolation, but there is one thing I don’t want you to ever forget: you were wonderful and I am so happy I got here with you!

Yes, ……., im convinced that someday I will tell you all this, just as I know that we loved, we love and we will forever love each other.

Will come day when the stars from our eyes will be the only witness of what we once were, will come a day when we will be to old to want something and God how happy I am that I will have you with me in that day!

I will forever cherish your sweet lips and your bright eyes loving me so beautiful…