When I kiss you

When I kiss you, I feel like the sun shine’s from my heart above the Earth, that your lips are the top of a cliff from where I can jump in an ocean of happiness, that rustle hot and sweet flavors are signs that the gates of paradise are opening just for me…

When I kiss you it seems like the air I’ve breathe the entire life is nothing but the momentum that I had taken to the vortex of your mouth, to the depths of your soul…

When I kiss you, I would like my life to begin once more, to be borne again, to live the childhood again, to grow, to meet you again and to live over and over again this wonderful moments.

You are wonderful, that kind of wonderful that only I can feel you, noble like only I know how to admire you and yes… you kiss splendid.

No, I’m not overreacting and I’m not lying to you, I just dream about you…



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  1. Very nice letters

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