Im just a woman, you are just a man but we two together are something extraordinary.

Maybe for the world we are just a woman and a man but you know very well what you really mean to me…

We are the pieces of the puzzle that’s missing in each other soul, the people see us separate and doesn’t understands anything but when we are together it all becomes clear.

I’m a flower among other thousands flowers and you are a drop of rain poured from sky with other billion drops, and yet only you fit in the cup of my heart.

Every little girl believes in fairy tales but few women can feel the magic in their life. I found you and you gave me every reason to believe in fairy tales and magic, my lovely prince!

Somewhere far away you have built a fairyland only for us, a land whose key are our lips chained in a kiss, where every move is a thrill of pleasure, where we can float hugging each other for hours, where each word is a charming verse and each moan is a gracious note of music.

I don’t believe in fairytales, I really live them in your arms!