Traveling to your heart

Dreams are the wings of our soul, they can release us even in the darkest world.

In difficult times there was always a dream that lifted me over the hardships of life:

I would look forward with burning eyes full of courage and with my soul full of hope from the mast of my ship, going through a large fire in sunset. I was running to the sun which was drowning to the horizon in a foam fire, behind me the world descend into darkness and yet my face shone lighted by a happiness becoming more intense.

Soon I would banish all sorrow and darkness that it was  surrounding me because I was getting close to a land where nothing like this exist: oh yes, sun knew too well why its hiding there, I was running like a crazy behind it … full of happiness…because I was traveling to you heart.


  1. never forget to print this poem…

  2. Each and every emotions are very meticulously expressed <3
    loved it !!!

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