To your heart

If I wont find it in your heart I wont look for happiness in any other place. To love means to give and all I want in this world is to give you the happiness you deserve, because as the sun brings warmth and light, you brought the love and happiness into my life and you have made my world a paradise which I want now to reveal it to you!

For all the people the morning means sunrise, but for me it means to rising star, your shining eyes which open under my amazed look.

I dream of them in every night and waiting them in the morning to warm me with their light and to make me happy all day!

On your heart it’s a divine music which fills with dreams the soul of a woman and in her childish happiness would always want to stay in your arms nest.

That’s why, sweetheart, please don’t forget to squeeze me in your arms, my dreams are made for you, you wont feel sorry if you fulfill them.


  1. I really like this letter

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