“Give me one more kiss, touch me one more time, hug me, whisper me again – I love you-, give me a little smile, look at me intensely, caress me in your arms, tell me something, listen to my heart, are you happy?” – these are the only words I want to say, ……..

Talk with me as you would kiss me, kiss me as you would talk to me, listen me as you would make love with me, hug me as you would drown without me, caress me as you would breath me through your hands.

I am here for you, maybe not to give you everything you dreamed of but to help you not to give up your dreams, maybe not to make you powerful man on earth but certainly the most loved one, maybe not to give you a perfect life but surely a life worth living, maybe not to never hurt you but that’s because I will never lie you.

I am here for you, and that’s why I prefer to be ugly because I told you the truth than to be loved for a lie, I want to be the one which you can trust as you trust yourself. I want you to love me but more than that, I want to make you  happy …….!