The love…

If you I will say “ I love you” will you believe me? I hope not, because love its not meant to be spoken but to be proven.

And if I will whisper you thousands of words will you listen me? I hope so, because in them you will find a thousands reasons to love me more.

And if I remain silent without reason will you rebuke me? I hope your heart will know how to fill such a silence.

Love makes us to see a person perfect and it seems that since I met you my love for you has not dropped  any moment. Even more it seems your love has made for me a perfect world. Its like you took the place of the sun and your light discovers only the beauty, harmony and kindness from this earth. Im still surprised how much harmony and happiness can be in the heart and love of a man!



  1. very realistic…… !

  2. BeautifuL

  3. nice letter..

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