When words hurts, when flowers are wilted, when eyes avoid you, when the loved one is cold and distant….take a break, back off quietly and watch a sunset, look to the sun when it goes, say goodbye to it and fall asleep crying, you will wake up next morning with a wonder – you wills see the light of the beautiful star caressing you again. No, it is not back because of your tears but because somewhere “there”, beyond you and all that’s visible it’s a order of things much more beautiful and more real… and yes, you can feel the wonders of that land too because the way to it is in your heart; open your heart and release the unconditionally love, that love that can arise in your soul  like the sun, no matter what is surround it.

God is love and this is all that truly exist and forever in universe, the rest is only temporary and absence of love. In your heart the light of unconditionally love is always expecting to be release and dispel the darkness of your life!