In a men’s qualities a woman can discover his dreams and wishes, in his want you understand his needs. So… honey, I am ready to accept you the way you are, with qualities and imperfections, because they are all part of you and is YOU THAT I LOVE.

I don’t want to change anything at you, I don’t want you to hide anything from me, I want my heart to be the fire to warm you when you are cooled by worries, where you can dance when you feel full of joy.

You don’t have to be always charming for me. From all the things I like to discover at you the most is by far your happiness, the happiness of your fulfillment, of a man love unconditionally, loved just because you exist not perfect, but just distinguished and charming for my heart.

I enjoy spending time with you like the light from the sun on a sunny day, so please don’t you ever be sad – SHINE.