When the words don’t come let your mouth to put your thoughts on my lips, I will instantly understand the whole inexpressible universe of your soul.

When your heart it hurts let me to lay over your chest, I am the miraculous cure which heals you of all diseases.

When black thoughts burdens you turn your eyes to me, you have made my soul an oasis of happiness and I keep in my eyes your paradise!

Love is the elixir of magic and miracles!

For the one that my heart adores, I now high prayers to the sun never be darkness in his heart, to the moon and stars to never have lonely nights, to the earth for his feet to only step on carpets of flowers, his lips to only taste the sweet honey, to spoil his eyes only with beauty, I pray to the angels to not let come close to him any harm and no shadows of unhappiness to not touch his heart, and to the God the most bigger prayer of all – to be forever mine!