One man on Earth thought me what love means, one man has something special for me that I could not live without him and he has become part of my body and my soul. I can feel his anger and upset just like a drop of melted metal on my heart, I can feel his happy smiles just like a cool breeze of sea, I can hear his voice just like twitter of the birds and I enjoy his comfort like a bless from an angel…

One single man taught me what love means, and I live only for him and his love!

There are many ways to show you my love and I found at least a couple of dozens at you.

I taught to listen to your special inflexions of your voice that reveals something special in your heart, I taught to follow the way you sight so that I can tell when you miss me, I taught every gesture, every touch of yours and I know now what each one of them means.

But most of all, I learned how to love you just the way you are, because you are perfect… for me.