Once upon a time

Once upon  a time was a happiest and fulfilled woman.

Her story its not a great one, she did not gone through incredible events, didn’t fight with anyone and has not won anything except one thing: your heart and so her story has become the most beautiful one on earth and even if only few know it, for her it doesn’t matter because if whatever will happen you will be there for her, she will live happily ever after.

I want to be a willow and you a lake and to spend all my life bent over your shore, let my arms hanging over your shine, to kiss you once in a while with a leaf and have you shuddering in waves…

To have the lovers come near us to make their love declarations and embracing to watch the stars, to reflect in you and I will understand them so well.

I would want to be  a willow and you a lake, a thousand years to love each other steadily, until you will drain and I will wither.

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  1. Fantastic love letter. Beautiful.

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