On the love path

Take the hand that reaches to you, it doesn’t beg for your love but it shows the way to your heart…

Follow, without fear, the path of tears…it will take you, with no doubt, in the deepest place of your soul where the light is born…

Give yourself with all the love, as long as you love you are safe everywhere, as long as you are selfish you can not hide anywhere from the biggest thief of your life…..you.

Always looking for love…in yourself, outside you will find it everywhere, you must first learn to recognize it.

In a infinite universe of light, would we, the so insignificant ones cant have in a whole life not even the breath of a star, I thought again and again and I found out that the most precious thing from my life which I adore…is you, my love!

Don’t ever judge the path you are following, short, difficult or beautiful, you cant know when and how it will end but with each choice, gesture and deed in your soul know very well where you are heading…

I want to travel the path of love holding your hand…

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  1. That was true. A flower connot blosson without sunshine, and man cannot live without love let us hold each other

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