You are the man of my dreams because my dreams love you so much that happy follows you wherever you go. I love you not for who you are but for what I am when im with you, a happy and in love woman who has found fulfillment loving you, who doesn’t wish anything because she has everything her heart ever dreamed – your love!

At night, people admire the stars but I only admire my star, more beautiful than all others together and more dear to my heart as the sun itself. And how to not be so when you are the one who brings the pleasure of paradise even in the deepest darkness and you make my nights more beautiful than the most sunny days.

I love you, my star and please remember that every night…to fall in my bed.

Please never forget that someone in this world needs you because you are the water and the food for her heart and without your love couldn’t survive not even one day.

For someone who have made this world a paradise – I know you can never be so cruel to kick me out from it.