It’s a bright patch of sky somewhere that my hand can reach, it’s a charming piece of paradise somewhere that my eyes can see, it’s a miracle here on earth, to which many pass careless but I call it in my life, I feverishly hold it in my arms from its heat and I always whisper it”I love you Charles”.

Charles, your smile is my path in life, carry me anywhere you want just don’t let me go from your heart, I made a nest of happiness in your heart.

How would I reach the happiness with just the steps that guide me on earth, how far I would have come without your love which urges me to stop, to close my eyes and follow it in places I can not describe in words.

Your love, that flood of care and tenderness,  that breeze of bright eyes which gets voice and meaning only in my happiness; without you I would be lost among the sand dunes, without you I would indifferent watched the sky without never understand I only need to close my eyes and lift a little my face…so that I can kiss it, I love you, my miracle!