When I felt in love with you I chose a path that I want to go through to the end because no matter where it will lead me I know it will be a wonderful trip.

I don’t need reasons to love you, but to know that we don’t need reasons to love; love is given only for love, nothing less.

I love you because I choose to do so, from billions stars in the sky I choose my star to shine my life, to love me, to love her, to never again be darkness in my life, to release again the child from me, happy and carefree to romp because his best friend is back with him.

I find reasons to love you, I find reasons not to love you, but the heart, fortunately, it doesn’t has a brain, she only understands the smiles and tears, she finds sense in touches and looks, she doesn’t believes in punishment because your pain is her pain and your happiness is her happiness and fulfillment, the lie it terrifies her, she wants you and look for you because in this life, you are her only true friend…

May your life way be sprinkled with flowers…by me!