Mistake is human, forgiveness is divine, whenever I’ve let you down (if I did), imagine how much I’ve regretted knowing that I’ve upset an angel.

Sometimes I feel unworthy like a bit of grass and still, when you arise in front of my eyes it feels like God created the sun just for me.

Looks like LOVE is just a part of God and I understand why God choose – from all the places in the world – to reveal it to you. He could not find a better place where my heart to shiver and no one could get close to my soul in which it could trust more.

When I make a mistake, forgive me angel, mistake I might do but whenever you forgive me, I will love you more and more and maybe, one day when you’ll get tired and you’ll be mistaken, you will lift your eyes towards the hand of the one that you knew how to love so beautiful.