Love me

You can hear my voice, but can you hear my heart?

You understand my words, but can you sense my feelings?

You hold me in your arms, but can you cover my soul?

You make love to me, but have you entrusted me your heart?

When you live, you can cross a world step by step but when you love you contain moments in universes, you born galaxies in your heart and you crush them on the lips in kisses that dumbfound in the course of time, so love… please understand why I’m asking you so much.

I do not want a careless body, I don’t want a wandering mind, I want next to me a sky of pure emotions and feelings that can grow only smiles and roses.

It’s not difficult to love, you just have to have the courage to let yourself conquered and have the power to give that much.



  1. I love this

  2. this is beautiful

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