Listen to your heart

Write me a nice line on a piece of paper or better sign your kiss on my lips, tell me you love me or better let the light of your eyes full of longing to wake up my heart, promise me all the happiness in the world or better reach your hand to take my hand – with you I can cross the sorrows of ten life’s smiling.

I would be crazy to let these kind words I wrote for you to hang my dreams, but I would be more crazy not to give you everything I can for that charming picture of your happy smile, because even if only a kiss would be all my wealth on this earth, crazy or not, I would still give it to you, hoping to receive your heart and maybe your whole life in exchange for it.

Oh, I know too well that my dreams come true, because you are the one who knows what treasures may a kiss have.

The world is crazy, don’t heed, listen to your heart!

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  1. I like romance

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