They say that life is a carousel, we just have to enjoy the journey, well I don’t want to rife my horse alone, my life is great only if I spend it with you because you are more fascinating than an entire amusement park, because there is no sweets more delicious than you, because there is nothing to cause me stronger feelings and emotions than the ones you cause me, because you smile matter to my heart a thousand balloons to a child, because whatever happens if im next to you I can only smile…

I wish one thing from the life, to come the day when I will ask if you somehow forgot how much I love you and you happy to answer me: how could i? you keep telling me this from a hundred years!

Let time pass, your eyes will never get old and I cant live without them because they are the most gentle and wonderful eyes, because they are windows of your soul and are so bright. A heart in love is immortal and the chest above it  always stays warm; we will hug and look into each other eyes until the end, what else more beautiful could you want from this life, my love?

Yes, life is a carousel and its wonderful when entertainment occurs in two!