When you cry after the yesterday smiles it means that you’ve lost more.
When you smile for tomorrow’s hope, it means that you’ve learned a lot.
When your heart light in good or worst, it means that it’s full of true love.

Don’t complain too much my mistakes, and don’t regret yours, thank life that we have what to fight for, thank you that whenever I fall you pick me up, I will lose much but whenever I wake up in your arms I smiled and I will win… I will not look behind, I will not beg nor future because everything will always be here and now in my heart and yours!

Give me a reason to love you, and I will give thousands to be happy!
Give me a reason to kiss you, and I will give one hundred I not to let me stop!

Give me a reason to smile, I have a heart that I’ll give to the one that bears fulfillment in his eyes!

Sometimes dreams are the fulfillment of a reality, sometimes feelings are the force that lifts us above, sometimes we silently admire anyone’s looking too deep to understand disclosures that can express in words, sometimes the world seems foreign and unreal and I shelter myself in your arms, then I feel that everything’s alright. I didn’t got crazy,       I just woke up and find out how crazy world can be.