So many spots of your body I haven’t kissed, so many hidden corners of your soul  haven’t found, so many declarations of love I haven’t said, so many special moments  I haven’t given to you, you deserve all the happiness and love on earth and I haven’t learned yet how can I collect them in my hands to quietly sneak them to your chest in the nights when I delight in your arms.

What can I do, when I know too well there is no mountain on earth to bring me close enough to your heart heights, when I discovered how love makes the world a simple decoration around the beloved one, when I feel what love means and that’s all I want to do?

And you, you always have a sweet smile, your smile reveals my way in the dark, your smile it gets my dreams in fire and makes me to always come back to you with shining eyes and large arms to your beautiful face that contains all the happiness and love on earth….in my hands.