In paradise you love forever but only on earth you can fall in love!

In paradise you find only perfect angels but only on earth you can feel the beauty of love by loving someone imperfect as it was perfect.

In paradise nothing can get you upset but only on earth you can understand the power to forgive.

In paradise you will have wings, on earth you will see them only in my eyes.

In paradise you will be perfect, on earth you will be perfect only to me.

In paradise you will love everything, I know I don’t deserve but give me, please, the wonderful pleasure of being the only one for you.

In one day you will look far away back and will understand that love was the only thing that really mattered in your life, the love of the ones that wanted and called you in their life not only for their pleasure but also for your happiness. Don’t let crazy people to steal your heart and forget it some where, better keep it in my arms.