I love the sun, it brightens and full color my world but I love you more because of you I enjoy it.

I love so many things on earth but all because of you and I would give up all just to stay in your heart!

You are the only one who can make me truly happy, you are my window to paradise and the world without you would be more wilderness than a sky without stars. I love you and I commit my dreams to your heart, I know that will fulfill more beautiful than I imagined.

If the stars would really makes wishes come true I would gather them all in a great big one… to make you happy!!!

I want to make you so happy to become a child again, to only bring me wild flowers picked by you, to give me for my birthday only an extremely shameful tingly kiss, to laugh when you look at me and to happy hold my hand.

I want you to be a child again and I your best friend, to love each other infinite and that to make us happy…