I love you

If life is often an amalgam of questions without answers and meaningless facts I would like to sit beside you in a special way, I wish that when you are watching me to not born in your soul nor questions, nor gestures, just a deep harmony silence, that feeling, which the beliefs can give you, that the one you are watching is part of you, that part to which you shouldn’t agitate to please her because she likes you however you would be, that part who is always with you, not to feel the pains for you but to always can say to you that everything will fine….because I love you …..!


  1. very touching…

  2. I love you baby forever and I will all ways love you.

  3. So beautiful.

  4. l love it, its sooooo beautiful…..

  5. so lovely and beautiful…

  6. vry touching line !!! i love u

  7. love u bchha…missing u alot <3<3<3<3 u r d bestest dream come truee…<3<3<3


  8. i luv u…..wat a nice and easy word to say but some hw difficult to respond

  9. Its really heart touching…

  10. It makes me cry

  11. How I love her she doesn’t know!

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