…im not coward, your love fills me with courage, I know I will have the power not to lie you ever.

…im not superficial, my love for you has opened my soul, im ready to receive all your worries and needs, all your thoghts and feelings.

…im not distant, you have lit my heart and im connected  to you with a thousands of emotions and feelings from wich if i`d snatch myself I remain empty.

…im passionate, I want your body and your mind and your soul, I look at you, I listen you, I feel you with all my being vibrating of longing and adoration.

…you can trust me as you trust in yourself.

…that sometimes I wont give you as much as I will receive but I will always give you everything.

…I can not make for you a perfect path of life, but I promise I will be a good companion who tireless will whistle serenades until the end of it.