I fall in love with you every morning and in every spoil and gesture of yours I find a thousand reasons to be happy. I get lost into your eyes just like a butterfly on an endless plain full with flowers and I find myself in your gestures and talks because you are the half of my heart and soul.

Am I that beautiful as your love and misses show me? What could make you so happy around me? Or you’re just like me: the more I love you, your love grows in the same way. If it’s like that, then I wonder where we will stop. In paradise?

You offered me so many lovely moments, you gave me so many priceless treasures, you’ve sacrificed so much for my happiness and most of all, I think that you love me more than I will ever deserve. You made me understand how beautiful love can be, that gives everything without asking anything in return. You are such a special and wonderful husband and I will always adore you just the way you deserve.

It’s a pleasure to love you, it’s a burning will to see you happy beyond words and gestures I feel the fire of love in your eyes burning slightly into my soul, that fire around which my thoughts and emotions dances wild and enthusiastic the fire of love.