Give me something

My love, I can never get where your thoughts are going, but your lips and your arms and your body are always here with me and your wife always wants them and needs them so desperately so don’t forget every once in a while to give me a piece of you, maybe a sweet kiss from your lips, maybe a gentle hug of your arms or perhaps a “ I love you” from your wonderful soul!

Following the footsteps of my dreams I got to you, my love and, I discovered a wonderful fairytale world…

Yes, a world where every day is a celebration of love, where every sorrow it heals with a kiss, where every touch gets you up to even and a word makes your heart vibrating for hours.

Some are convinced that the princes or princesses doesn’t exist but they are bitterly wrong. They are everywhere, you just need to have the power to love enough to recognize them.





  1. I love it…..

  2. its hot

  3. its superb… i love it


  5. I am not married….but loves the poem a looooooooot…’s awesome and too romantic….?

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